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GarY Nava
Sep-28-2015, 10:35am
I thought that you might like to see some photos of my 10 string mandocello that has just gone out. An interesting feature is the pin-point capos: the client asked for these as he wants to play in a variety of open tunings. There is some detail on my blog about the capos. (http://guitar-maker.blogspot.co.uk/2015/07/pin-point-capos.html)

I’ve include a photo of the ‘cello with me, just to get an idea of its size! And before you ask where the video is, I felt that I was unable to do the ‘cello justice, but Jonathan (it’s owner) has promised one, once he has got to grips with it; as you’ll see, it’s a magnificent beast!
There are a few more details and full spec on my website. (http://www.navaguitars.co.uk/mandocello.html)


Cheers Gary

Sep-28-2015, 12:41pm
Lovely work as ever Gary - great to see your big beast finished up - I shall look forward to the sound clips - these definitely do take some getting used to!

Ivan Kelsall
Oct-03-2015, 2:33am
Well,if you're gonna have one,have a 'big un' as they say !. The 'pin point' capo idea seems to be a variation on the model 'railroad spikes' that banjo players have been using for years, to adjust the length of the 5th string. It's the first time i've seen such a variation on another instrument & it's very well though out & nicely applied,

John Kelly
Oct-03-2015, 4:38am
What a great-looking instrument, Gary - beautiful and with tasteful decoration. I really like the neck with its stripes and the rosette. i saw those fretboard capos on a Swedish guitar a few years ago at a concert - if I remember it was during a Celtic Connections concert in Glasgow and we were talking to the guitarist after the performance and he showed us how the system worked. Ingenious and simple and it worked so well.
Looking forward to hearing this creation played.

GarY Nava
Oct-03-2015, 10:10am
Thanks guys for your comments- the pin-point capos seem to be a Scandinavian thing. I certainly wouldn't have thought of them- Jonathan, the client, wanted them for his particular style of playing/music and the rest, as they say is history!
Fylde did this version (http://www.fyldeguitars.com/custom_guitars/nordic.html) which is interesting. We did discuss the idea of the extending the bass strings but there seemed to be far too many unknowns to risk it on a commission!
Cheers Gary