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Apr-25-2005, 7:02pm
My aunt would like me to play this in her wedding and I'd like to attempt it on mandolin instead of guitar. What do you guys think? Any idea where I can find the tab? Thanks!

Mike Herlihy
Apr-25-2005, 9:21pm
See attached file

John Flynn
Apr-25-2005, 9:54pm
This may be slightly off color but it is absolutely true. When I was a Navy officer on a ship in the Indian Ocean during the Iranian Hostage Crisis, the USN instituted a sweeping drug abuse reduction program that involved drawing a number each month and if a sailor's Social Security Number ended in that, they had to give a ##### sample for drug testing, with the "collection" witnessed by an officer. It was my embarrasing duty to witness a lot of them. One guitar player/singer in my command twisted the lyrics to Croche's tune to make it about a sailor who just couldn't do what he had to do with an officer watching. You guessed it, "If I could just pee in the bottle, then all my dreams would come true..." etc. It's stupid, I know, but it's funny what your remember from uncomfortable situations like that.

Mike Herlihy
Apr-25-2005, 11:54pm
That transcription was an octave too high. Here is a Tabledit file with guitar. A free reader is at Tabledit (http://www.tabledit.com)

Apr-26-2005, 1:02pm
Thanks for the responses everyone- I appreciate it. I just ended up buying the digital sheet music from musicnotes.com. The vocalist I'm working with wanted to sing it in G instead of F and musicnotes.com transcribed it for me automatically so I didnt have to go through and do all of it. To me, that was worth $4.50! ;)