View Full Version : Grisman's early BG recordings:

Mar-02-2004, 4:18pm
Hello, I believe Grisman is on a Don Stover recording from quite a while back. #Are there other similar recordings? #What do you recommend?


Mar-02-2004, 4:27pm
Grisman has a recording out on his label called Early Dawg...

Mar-02-2004, 4:40pm
The best early Grisman bluegrass I've heard are on Hazel Dickens and Alice Gerrard's records and Red Allen and the Kentuckians. These are both long before he did Stover's Things in Life (one of my all time favorites). He was Frank Wakefield's replacement in Red Allen's band, and he basically sounds like a more staid Frank on these recordings. Which sounds pretty great, don't get me wrong. I'm pretty sure he's playing on the Vanguard Newport compilation, with Hazel and Alice. That is an absolutely essential bluegrass recording and should be in everyone's collection for the scads of great performances -- Hylo Brown wityh Earl Scruggs, Flatt and Scruggs, Monroe with Peter Rowan singing lead, Hazel and Alice, Jim and Jesse and more. And its real cheap.

Mar-02-2004, 4:43pm
That reminds me Garrett. I have a recording of Red Allen and the Kentuckians that I downloaded somewhere ( I wish I could remember where). It was from a radio show, with DJ announcing and all. I think they even introduced David as "Little David Grisman". I totally forgot about that. It was good stuff.

Mar-02-2004, 5:56pm
I have that, downloaded from bluegrass box. Fantastic recording.

Mar-02-2004, 10:17pm
A bit of Bluegrass trivia: Who was the Disc Jockey interviewing Red Allen on that radio show, and what bar/restaurant did they play when they were in the Washington DC area? Where was this bar/restaurant located?

The winner gets.....OK....nothing, but it's kind of fun anyway isn't it?


Mar-03-2004, 3:28pm
Anothe vote for the Hazel/Alice LP with Chubby Wise sitting in. Listen to Grisman on those early recordings and it sounds sooo like Wakefield. No dis intended, it's just where he was. I heard him say once he has an identity crisis when he plays BG- since he was so into Monroe as a younger BG player, and then started playing his own tunes, he never developed what he felt like was a mature unique BG style of his own.