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Apr-14-2005, 9:49am
I thought I knew how to post a pic, but apparently not. Could someone tell me how to post an image? Sorry to be so dense.

Tom C
Apr-14-2005, 9:50am
Press reply button (not quick reply). Below the window there is a browse button. Use that to load the file. It must be under 77K I think.

Apr-14-2005, 9:59am
It must be under 77K I think.

It used be around 77k but was changed at some point and now reads:

File Attachments
You may attach a file to this message.
Maximum file size (in bytes): 102400 #

Although I like to limit mine to about half that to help out the dial ups.


Apr-14-2005, 10:05am
thanks for the assist.

Apr-14-2005, 3:54pm

I'll bet you catch a lot of fish, as well as play a mandolin well, know why?

Cause it looks like you hold your mouth right!