View Full Version : scale length on an electric OM

Apr-11-2005, 12:45pm
I just bought an old Harmony short scale electric guitar and I wanted to convert it to an OM. I was going to pull the fretboard off and put a new fretboard on. What would be the most desirable OM scale? Also, any thoughts on doing a 5 string over a 4 string? Basically, I just want to do the project then flip it for whatever I can get out of it.

Apr-11-2005, 1:20pm
For single string, I like 17"-18". You may have to use the pinky at the 6th fret in the open position, but you can pretty much retain mando fingering.

If you were going to make it an 8-string OM, then I'd stay with 19"-22" or whatever that guitar neck is.

I was thinking about getting a cheapo and adding a couple more tuners and doing an 8-string OM (bottom courses in octaves) conversion. Or maybe put the neck onto a doubleneck body in tandem with a reg guitar neck.