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Mar-02-2004, 1:10am
Hey All,

Yesterday I square danced (yes some of us do this) at a senior citizen center in outback Alberta (Willingdon - if anybody ever heard of it). Anyway they had the usual jam session/talent show - some with talent - some without thing goin on. It's always fun to listen to people sing with enthusiasm even if with nothin else! Anyway there was this one band there that played all acoustic except for one song. They had an accordion player who I don't know how much longer she'll be able to pick it up, an electric guitar player who did all rhythm and a lap guitar player usin a slide who I'm sure played it like a regular guitar when she was younger and has since adapted. AND of course a mandolin player who played lead!
The mando player used a mando with the letters PHIL on the headstock. A mando with like a humbucker pickup on the surface. It had a nice sunburst and she played it well - she had the tremolo down pat to extend the appropriate notes. She ran it though a small Crate amp (probably roughly equivalent to my Taxi). She had the gain up so that it sounded like the electric guitar version of a mandolin - a sound sorta somewhere between Monroe an - oh say - Stevie Ray Vaughan's electric. It was clearly a mando sound but sure sounded like a crossbreed between an electric guitar and a traditional mando. They played some Ukranian stuff and it sounded really good but I was especially impressed with their version of Thunder Road with the mando in the lead.
I've often thought that I'd like two mandos one with f holes, one with an oval type hole but I'm thinkin maybe there's three possibilities the electrified stuff was kinda cool an definitely different. I wonder what it would be like running it through a J station or a Pod? Anyway I thought I'd share an ask - What kind of mando would have PHIL on the headstock?

Take Care! -Ed-

I know it wasn't Wintergrass but hey - it's Alberta!