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G. Fisher
Apr-09-2005, 5:55pm
Here are some pictures of a LaPlant that was in a fire and has been rebuilt. It has truly been distressed and it sounds incredible. #Donny LaPLant did a great job putting this mando back together. #Before it was rebuilt the top was in several pieces and the back seem was opened. #The sides also had cracks in them. #I told him not to re-stain and just finish it the way it is. #I think it looks cool that way and you can see the work he did to rebuild it.

G. Fisher
Apr-09-2005, 6:01pm

G. Fisher
Apr-09-2005, 6:06pm

G. Fisher
Apr-09-2005, 6:13pm

G. Fisher
Apr-09-2005, 6:15pm
Side 2

Apr-09-2005, 6:51pm
I'd be proud of that one. I think it's kind of cool looking.

Apr-09-2005, 6:59pm
Please tell us that you have pictures of from right before it went into the shop!...And will you post them? And how was baby saved from being consumed? How did the fire start,did you loose lots? I'm dieing to know everything...Kerry ....I knew a guy from Saskatoon once,maybe 15 #years ago... he was sitting at home playing his mando one night...set the thing down to go make a sandwich, and a fire started somewere in the house. He was lucky to get out alive..(I #seem to remember something about escape from a window)...His place burned to the ground.After the firemen left, he found the tuners and tailpeice among the ashes of his basement, and they were still warm...Kerry...He was insured though...everything was covered....Also I think your mando looks great!.Does it still smell like smoke?

G. Fisher
Apr-09-2005, 9:45pm
I don't have pictures of the mandolin before it was repaired. I think Donny said his dad took pictures but that they were not very clear.

The mandolin is not mine so I don't know all the details about the fire. I know that two LaPlant mandolins were damaged along with a Gilchrist and some more instruments. The one pictured was the most damaged because it was on a stand and not in a case.

John Bertotti
Apr-10-2005, 10:18am
Is that an Orrico tail piece? I've seen pictures but don't remember seeing one on an instrument. John

G. Fisher
Apr-10-2005, 4:29pm
Yes that is a Orrico tailpiece.

Apr-11-2005, 3:26pm
Well, I'm surprised that no one yet said the obvious comment, "nice flame".

But it really is a unique finish and one with a similarly unique history. For a mando to survive such an incident is amazing! Nice piece there. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/laugh.gif

Jul-08-2008, 10:36am
This truly distressed mandolin used to be mine. #The two LaPlants damaged in this fire were twins. #Lloyd built them to our requirements, and they were the the very first with a varnish finish. #This mandolin had just been newly set up and was played the morning of the fire. #That is why it was in a stand and not in its case. #The home was completely destroyed by the fire. #This mandolin was a canon, and beautiful. #Donnie has done a nice job considering what he had to work with.

Jul-08-2008, 10:57am
Post Fire photograph

Jul-08-2008, 11:01am
Come on, tell the truth. You're really such a fast picker that you generated enough heat to make the mandolin catch fire.

Jul-08-2008, 5:13pm
It looks terrible. Just a burned up looking mandolin whats so great about that? http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/rock.gif

Jim Rowland
Jul-08-2008, 5:58pm
I can't believe the ivoroid binding survived the heat that well..or is it ivoroid?