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John Bertotti
Apr-09-2005, 5:11pm
Anyone heard or used one of these pickups. Need opinions and advice in comparison to a single coil or regular humbucker. Thanks John

Apr-10-2005, 2:08pm
I have a stacked single-coil on my electric-it really can sound like a humbucker, so much so that I thought it was
a humbucker (until Sr. Schwab set me straight). The choice of pickup is not as related to one's style of music as you might think. Amp, strings, fingers, pick, attack-they all have an effect on your sound.

Apr-11-2005, 12:11am
Stack humbuckers, I thought were 2 coils counterwound, to reduce 60cycle sensitivity.
#4 is 2 stack hB in tandem?
or 4 coils around one pole blade and a variety of coil taps?
different outputs? impedance or voltage?

Apr-11-2005, 10:09am
Well...America's dizziest mandolinist here. Mandroid, I must correct my post. The pickup in my new signature model has one humbucker, with the coils wired end-to-end, per Kevin. I guess one of my earlier ones had stacked single-coils (or not). The coil tap changes it from series to parallel. Really, electronics are clearly not my speciality. By the way, the Mark II will be ready for public viewing in the very near future.

John Bertotti
Apr-12-2005, 1:40pm
Here is what I was looking at scroll down a but for the stacked humbucker. Thanks John
Stacked Humbucker (http://www.sjryder.com/pickups.htm)

michaell is this the kind you have and mandroid have you used these? John