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Paul Hostetter
Apr-08-2005, 3:04pm
Sheri Mignano writes:

Hello Mandolinists and Mandophiles everywhere!

Mandolin Melodies, Vol. I will be available at the San Francisco Festival of the Mandolin, April 17th. This is a collection of more than 125 rarely heard, some never pubished before Italian ballo liscio music. An example of the sheet music is available by request.

Mandolins, Like Salami is a history, biographies, and personal memoir of Italian American mandolinists in San Francisco: Andrini brothers, Pete Tarzia, Matteo Casserino, Rudy Cipolla, Tony Flores, Riccardo Tunzi, and Gino Pellegrini. Available in July.

Request an order form by email: <sfmignano@yahoo.com>

Mille Grazie, Sheri

Jim Garber
Apr-12-2005, 5:51pm
I just got this Table of Contents from Sheri M. for the Salami book.


Apr-13-2005, 12:47pm
Hey, I want the both now!