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Apr-04-2005, 10:19am
Hello Everyone, I am a huge fan of Brentrup mandolins. I would like to see a picture of some you alls Brentrups. Hit Me!

Cody Shuler- Pine Mountain Railroad

Bill James
Apr-04-2005, 2:01pm
I don't have any great picks, this will have to do.

Bill James
Apr-04-2005, 2:03pm
or this,

Apr-04-2005, 2:57pm
I recently had some photos shot of my newest Brentrup, a gorgeous 3-point M22C. Just of the heck of it, I also had a few pix rendered of an old beater July 9, 1923 mandolin I had laying around. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif
I'll post the rest as soon as I have time.




Apr-04-2005, 3:08pm
Of course, I can't forget the 23V Italian.


Lane Pryce
Apr-04-2005, 4:45pm
Hey Cody aren't you playing a new Glenn? Lp

Apr-04-2005, 4:59pm
Hi Lane, No I am not playing a Glenn anymore. Although Allen Jones(Glenn Mandolins) builds a fine mando. I have had a few of those.

G. Fisher
Apr-04-2005, 5:00pm
My Italian spruce 23V.


G. Fisher
Apr-04-2005, 5:19pm

Apr-04-2005, 8:00pm
Avanti.......is that 3 point body larger than that ol' beater F5?
Or is it just a photo illusion?

Apr-04-2005, 8:04pm
No illusion. It's definitely bigger. Hans has worked with Calton to customize a mandola case to fit it.

Apr-04-2005, 8:57pm
Gee, there's some professional looking pictures there. I don't have anything that good, and I've already used up quite a bit of bandwidth on some of the other threads. But here's a new pic of the twin Brentrups together. German on the left, red on the right.

Apr-04-2005, 9:01pm
The backs...

Life is good.

Apr-04-2005, 9:06pm
I want to be clear that I didn't take those photographs, my good friend Marty Berglin did (Marty's Website (http://www.martinberglin.com)). I'll post them all as soon as I have a chance. Some of the detail shots are incredible.

Apr-04-2005, 10:43pm

Is the German, the one Hans had in shop when we were there ?
If it is, it sounds even better than it looks, if thats possible.

Apr-04-2005, 10:44pm

A lucky man, 3 Brentrup F's and a Loar!


Apr-04-2005, 10:55pm
Alan, yes, that's the one that was at his shop as a demo. It went around to so many shows, festivals, etc that it got its share of war wounds. It was touched up quite a bit and looks better than it did a while ago, but its constant state of scuffs and dings made Hans and Maureen dub it "The Rat." I would like to think some of its tonal character come from all the hands that have played it, and the knocks it has received. But I'll admit that Rat is a bit of an exaggeration, as it still looks pretty darned good to me. Sounds incredibly sweet too.

Apr-22-2005, 10:32pm
Here's a "Brentrup" No not the mandolin the guy on the left! #Yes, I was in Minnesota last month and Hans was nice enough to let me see his shop and meet him, very nice guy. After seeing his work up close, I was afraid to take my "JD #3" out of the case and show him, that's my mandolin I am holding. Hans said "not bad" for a rookie.
You can really see the quality of his workmanship "in the white" and finished of course, I am glad I got to see Hans and his work up close, I think it helped me with my #4 I went a little deeper in the fine details on it, after seeing his work, I could really see clearly where I needed improvemnet. #Thanks Hans. # # JD

Apr-22-2005, 10:57pm
Hey JD

I got a chance to go to Hans' shop this week. And you are right it gave me inspiration to start a new mandolin and improve it more and more. He is a very nice guy to talk with. Being at his shop gave me direction on what tools to invest in also. And most of all it gave me a new perspective on three pointers, which by the way the one hanging in the back ground of your photo is an amazing instrument.

Apr-25-2005, 1:09pm
By the way - I've been trying to send an e-mail to Hans asking for current prices on A styles and the length of his waiting list - I haven't been able to get through. Does anyone know if he has an e-mail problem or is the problem on my end? I keep getting an "undeliverable" message from the address on his website.

Apr-25-2005, 1:33pm
Hi Wesley. I am Han's webmaster and I just tested info@brentrup.com and it seems to be working OK. If you're having trouble just send a PM to Hans (his Cafe username).

Apr-25-2005, 3:18pm
Thanks - the message has been sent. I appreciate it.

Apr-26-2005, 12:57pm
Any M21 pictures out there ?

Apr-29-2005, 11:57am
What ?? Still no M21 photos yet ? I'll even settle for a M20 photo.

Apr-29-2005, 2:55pm
M22 in the white...

Apr-30-2005, 10:19am
That brentrup 3 point is without a doubt the nicest mandolin i've ever seen!