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Mar-01-2004, 4:11pm
A buddy of mine is looking for a strobo tuner for tuning tha top....he bought a Petersen VS1 but its no good, cuz there's no needle to show how a note hangs and drifts...its an LED display....Where can he get one like a Conn strobotuner? We're in Ireland, but he's got family coming over soon if that might help (personally I don't envy anyone trying to explain a big strobe tuner at security, but thats just me) Any help would be much appreciated

Mar-01-2004, 4:19pm
They're on ebay commonly....
Get the old copper-colored ones...I like the tubes better than solid state..(g).
It doesn't have a needle, though, but a strobe read-out. It does work for tuning wood...
They go for about 100 bucks or so...


Mar-01-2004, 4:25pm
I have a Peterson VS2 that I bought for the same reason. I'd say my results with it were confusing but perhaps better than I think if I would spend more time understanding how it works. The LED display is supposed to provide all of the relevant information that a needle would provide. I think we both should give it a better chance. I'd like to hear from others who have used this method. I want to know what everyone thinks on the matter. However, I did see the old Conn Strobotuners available on ebay at the time. Right now there are 2 Conn Stobotuners (model 6, from the 1950's) up for bid on ebay.

Mar-01-2004, 5:57pm
I have a Conn Strobotuner that I bought off ebay and don't use...you can e-mail me if you're interested in it. <darrenjweiss "at" yahoo.com>

Mar-08-2004, 4:56pm
I've mailed the last respondant. I discovered e-bay (in earnest) when I achieved highest bidder status (2) on a SANTANA mandolin!!!!