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Adam Tracksler
Apr-01-2005, 8:10pm
Anyone have the chords for this song from the Norman/Sam/Tut/Jethro, etc.... CD.

I cant get it out of my head.


Apr-02-2005, 1:35pm
Is the song?

White House Blues
Charlie Poole

1. McKinley hollered , McKinley squalled
Doc said “McKinley I can't find the ball
You're bound to die, you're bound to die

2. Doc told the horse, he'd throw down his rein
He said to the horse you gotta outrun this train
From Buffalo to Washington

3. The doc came a-running, he took off his specs
Said to McKinley better cash in your checks
You've bound to die, you're bound to die

4. Look here, you rascal, you see what you've done
You shot down my husband and I've got your gun
I'm carrying you back, to Washington

5. Yonder comes the train, she’s coming down the line
Blowing in every station that McKinley’s a-dying
It’s hard times, hard times.

6. Roosevelt's in the White House, doing his best
McKinley's in the graveyard taking his rest
He's gone, for a long time

Adam Tracksler
Apr-03-2005, 1:42pm
thats it! thanks!!

Apr-04-2005, 12:59pm

I taped their version of the some from the radio a few years ago. Their chord structure is a little more elaborate than above. It sounds to me like the flattop guitar is being picked out of a "C" chord position, capo'd up a few steps. Maybe in the key of D? Here would be the chord progression I hear, in D:

D F#7 G D A D (Verse; the F#7 falls on "Doctor" in 1st Verse)

G D G D A D (Instrumental Bridges)

Pete Martin
Apr-04-2005, 1:46pm
The first prgoression is a common way of playing the piece. The second is the way done on the recording you mentioned, a non standard way of playing it. Always like this version by Norman.

Apr-04-2005, 3:10pm
I have it by Flatt & Scruggs on "Live at Carnegie Hall" - They DRIVE IT!! - Uncle Josh takes a break that'll make ya' grab the jug n' bang yer' head agin' the wall!!! - Listening to THAT CD while driving COULD be hazardous to your health. What wonderful music they did create...... http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/laugh.gif