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Mar-28-2005, 6:00pm
Posting these for a fellow cafe member. A very cool new Rigel in blue, and a new Korean-made solid wood mando.

Mar-28-2005, 6:01pm

Mar-28-2005, 6:01pm

Mar-28-2005, 6:15pm
Mike Sez:
The brand name on the mahogany one is VENSON. It's by
no means a great instrument,but it's not half bad.
It's solid wood, not plywood, and it actually sounds
pretty nice. If we make the analogy of cars, the Rigel
is a Rolls Royce, and this is a Honda Civic or VW Bug.

I was thinking of selling it, but I've decided to keep
it. This will be my "beach mandolin" that I use to
play outdoors or at places where I wouldn't want to
take the Rigel.

Mar-28-2005, 6:17pm
last one

Mar-28-2005, 6:36pm
Nice! I would play with those toys as well.

Pedal Steel Mike
Mar-28-2005, 8:56pm
Thanks James. I appreciate you posting these for me.

Of course, I love the Rigel. But even after comparing the 2, I find that I still like the Venson too. It's by no means a great instrument, but it really is OK. As much as I love the Rigel, there are times and places where I'd be hesitant to take it. Now I have something that's actually pretty decent, but that I can take to the beach or on a camping trip, without worrying about it getting damaged.

I don't know who sells these, (I bought mine at the NAMM show) but I recommend them for somebody looking for an inexpensive spare mandolin.