View Full Version : pictures of a mandolin pick

Nov-09-2014, 5:02pm
here are pictures of a pick I found in a box of stuff hidden away. it's a great pick. a great player gave it to me a decade ago. does anyone know who makes these?


Andrew B. Carlson
Nov-09-2014, 5:04pm
Michel Wegen.

George R. Lane
Nov-09-2014, 5:07pm
It is a Wegen Big City.


Nov-09-2014, 5:11pm
thanks, I think i'll try and buy a few more. I have a problem with the pick turning while i'm playing. those holes stop that. and the tone from the plectrum end is the best.

Nov-09-2014, 7:10pm
Bernabe #33 in the white126124126124

Nov-09-2014, 10:09pm
It is a Wegen Big City.

Actually, it's a Wegen Bluegrass Pick. The Big City is narrower and the hole pattern is different. The Big City is smaller than the Bluegrass Pick and it is 1.8mm where the Bluegrass Pick is 1.4mm. Here is a link to the Wegen web site where it shows both models listed on top of each other on the main page.


Also, the Bluegrass Pick from the same Greg Boyd page that George showed.


Nov-13-2014, 8:06pm
thanks, i'm buying a few of each