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Mar-01-2004, 1:18am
Hey all I made a post to the general discussion but i thought i would try here also:) I am trying to develop a chop and learn the ways... I need some suggestions on some cds to practice too and some good ways to develop a strong tonal and percusive chop.. any help would be great:)
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Mar-01-2004, 2:46am
Glamour and Grits by Sam Bush would be my first recommendation. Anything by him, really! And Chris Thile has a great chop too. Sam's secret is to let it ring out longer than most other players.

Mar-02-2004, 11:04am
I like practicing to IIIrd Tyme Out because they have very good variation of speed. There are slower songs and faster songs, and medium. I find it very difficult to practice with for example Ricky Skaggs because he does everything very fast and I can't keep up with that.

Atlanta Mando Mike
Mar-02-2004, 2:59pm
SAM Bush has the best chop in the business. Check his rythym playing on Fleck's Bluegrass Sessions. It's amazing. Mike Marshall told me that he has tried and it is impossible to recreate his chop-SAMMY ROCKS

Mar-02-2004, 6:42pm
I agree fully, I learned to chop from the Sam Bush "Late As Usual" album. #Listen to Sailin' Shoes. #Anything with Sam on it will teach you the chop!!!!

Mar-03-2004, 1:50am
Matt Mundy comes really really close to achieving the Sammy Boy Chop on Pickin' Up The Pieces, a track on Everyday by Widespread Panic. That guy is sooo talented!

Dennis Schubert
Mar-03-2004, 10:48am
contratrian advice: At some point, get your hands on some old Stanley Brothers recordings, where there is no mando, or where it's buried in the mix, and play along with those. That will let you practice and hear your chop w/ bluegrass context and bluegrass speed.