View Full Version : Wondering what price to sell this Gibson Mandolin 1912

Oct-13-2014, 9:51pm
Hi All
Wanting to sell this Mandolin. Can someone tell me the price range.
Its a Gibson Approx 1912 Style A-1 serial # 13783
Many thanks for your help.

Oct-14-2014, 12:57pm
Is there anything wrong with it? Neck? Top sinking? Cracks? Stuff like that.

Oct-14-2014, 5:24pm
Thanks for your reply. No there is nothing wrong with the mandolin. We just have no one in the family that plays it.

Oct-14-2014, 5:43pm
I won't hazard a value, but there are plenty of people here who can give you a good estimate. It's worth some money, though.

Sandy Beckler
Oct-14-2014, 6:05pm
This is not an appraisal site.

Eric C.
Oct-14-2014, 6:27pm
This is not an appraisal site.

Point being? There are posts every day like this.

Oct-14-2014, 9:49pm
non original case. Hardware looks original. If it's structurally sound, I'd guess about $800 to $1,000.00. It'd have to actually be ready to play with no neck issues or worn frets to get that though.


Oct-14-2014, 10:14pm
non original case. Hardware looks original.
Bridge is a replacement. Other hardware looks right. Looks like some heat damage to the finish on the back. It needs a new set of strings.

I'd say $900, but only if you have it checked out by a qualified luthier first, to make sure there are no loose braces or other problems. You need to take it in for an inspection and setup. Or, you can price it at around $750 and let the buyer assume the risk.

Oct-14-2014, 10:25pm
Point being? There are posts every day like this.

Point is, threads like this get shut down every other day. There are rules here about transactions being relegated to the Classified section. He's started two threads about this. Just a matter of time before - poof!

That said, it looks like a nice instrument, in decent shape. Maybe not suitable for a collector, but a player. Heck, I'd be interested if I weren't already full up. ;)