View Full Version : Strings for an A9

Mar-01-2004, 12:18am
Hey guys--
Had my A9 about a month now. I love the strings that are on it, but I purchased it used and really don't know what they are.
I've had a set of John Peirce heavies laying around for some time, given to me by a friend. I don't think I've ever used heavies, and I'm a little hesitant.
Anyone have any experience with different strings on the A9 that could offer some advice?

Mar-01-2004, 11:50am
Micah: #

Are the strings chrome flat wound?
Is the E plain steel?

We may be able to help you identify those strings based on their construction.

Brian Baker
Mar-03-2004, 4:39pm
I believe I read a post here on the cafe a while back where someone had said that A9s ship from the factory with Gibson Monroes...

Big Joe or Charlie could probably shed a little more light on this.


Mar-03-2004, 4:53pm
I like J74s

Mar-04-2004, 2:27am
J75s! Love 'em.

Mar-04-2004, 12:30pm
The Gibson Monroes, or Sam Bush work great. I also like the J74 or the EXP74's.

Mar-04-2004, 12:34pm
All those mentioned should work well. On the J75s a string or two is a bit larger, on the J74 a string or two is a bit smaller than the Monroes or Bush's.

I've used the Bush Monels for the past few years and have also used J74 and now have J75s on my mando. They all fit and play well on it. The gauges are pretty close.

Mar-11-2004, 2:26pm
I put a set of GHS Bobby Osborne on mine when I first got it (all the local store had) but they really sound great. Deep, woody tone on the bass end and nice projection on the treble. Am going to try the Gibson Monroe's and D'Addario J-74's next couple of rounds to compare and see what does best.