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Baron Collins-Hill
Mar-23-2005, 6:56pm
I got a gibson A9 a while back and finnally got around to taking some picyures of it. unfortunately, the lighting is horrible, my hands arent steady, and i dont have photo-skills in general...


Baron Collins-Hill
Mar-23-2005, 6:58pm

Baron Collins-Hill
Mar-23-2005, 6:59pm

Baron Collins-Hill
Mar-23-2005, 7:00pm
I love this shot...

Mar-23-2005, 9:05pm
Cool, how does it sound? The neck joint looks a little weird, maybe it is just lighting, but it looks like it is seperating?

Baron Collins-Hill
Mar-23-2005, 11:53pm
yeah. its just the lighting, i was holding it under a light and all the light concentrated there. it sounds amazing IMHO. its got amazing bass with j74's, and i just put elixers on and they sound alot better, but the j74's were a bit old when i got it. im thinking about flatwound diadarrios next. haha, thatll be in like a year, i never change my strings.

Mar-24-2005, 10:22am
Nice Manalin.

Lane Pryce
Mar-24-2005, 11:01am
Hey Fish you'll like dem FT 74's. They were loud and very woody sounding on my F9. They just felt a bit skinny under my finger tips. Lp

Mar-24-2005, 2:01pm
I've been using 74s on my F9. I really liked the black diamond coated strings too and I don't usually go for the coated jobbies on my mandolin.

However, 74s have been the proven performer for me.