View Full Version : J Bovier F5 Special and No-name Bowlback

Sep-14-2014, 10:40am
i don't know if this forum is just for builders, but these are my two mandolins. I did not build either.


Bill Snyder
Sep-14-2014, 6:07pm
Nice looking mandolins avaldes. And no, this forum is not just for builders. It is for photos of anyone's mandolins and related instruments or bands, etc.

Sep-14-2014, 8:03pm
Nice looking pair.

Thanks for sharing them.


Sep-15-2014, 11:43am
Those are the two styles of mandolins I have chosen as well. I bought the tater bug at a flea market for $75. I thought it was going to just be a wall hanger, who knew it sounded so great. Right now I'm playing it daily. Had it for about 20 years. I'm waiting on my most recent purchase, a Stelling S5 being built by a luthier on this forum. May just get it by the months end. Fingers crossed for now.