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Mar-20-2005, 7:19am
On Friday I was searching around the web to find out the history of St Joseph's Bread. #I found a website that not only explained the bread but had sheet music for a few traditional Polish easter songs.

Since last Friday was the feast of St Joseph, and I'm interested in music of my ethnic heritage, I decided to try out one of the songs on mandolin.

The actual title of the song is: Duszo moja (Ku czci sw. Jozefa). #Roughly translated: In Honor of St Joseph.

Mar-20-2005, 8:09am

just listened to the song. Nice and smooth. Really enjoyed the song. Thanks for sharing.


Milan Christi
Mar-20-2005, 8:23am
Very nice - pretty tone and nice playing.
I enjoyed listening. It's cool that you "rediscovered" this tune.