View Full Version : Liberty bluegrass last night

Feb-29-2004, 11:37am
The barn hosted Donna Hughes Band last night, very good talent. In addition to Donna on guitar and vocals, there were Shannon Slaughter on guitar and convincing vocals, Chris Harris on Steffey model mando (he won Merlefest and Galax), the banjo picker in Bibey's Blueridge, Zak McLamb on stand-up (talented player), and a good fiddle man. Crystal Sawyer sang a few with them.

The groove of this band is on the modern side, with hints of AKUS, Tyminski, Lonesome River Band., although they pay respects to Monroe, F&S, etc. Very entertaining and 18-yr-old Chris is one to watch.

May-02-2004, 8:21am
Last night, jammed on stage with a young banjo picker who is stricken with CP. 'Though his legs are affected, ain't nothin' wrong with his hands, good clean attack on the chestnuts - Train 45, Shuckin', Reuben; his Dad(?) sang a few, one off the new Doyle record. Good fun and very inspiring to see this boy pick, puts it all in perspective, know what I mean?

It was either this or Merlefest - I think I made the right choice, although I missed seeing some old friends.