View Full Version : Don McRostie's generous offer!

Rick Crenshaw
Mar-16-2005, 3:19pm
Wow, what a generous offer by Don McRostie on the classified ads. Donating a Red Diamond A model for a fellow luthier in difficulty. There's a fellow at the jam with a Red Diamond A and it is a great mandolin. I'd seriously consider this offer if I didn't just purchase a new mandolin last weekend.

Mar-16-2005, 3:43pm
I really like the Red Diamonds. Have played two F's and an A. Would love to have one!!!!

Larry Simonson
Mar-17-2005, 10:02pm
My Red Diamond (a wonderful instrument)will be making me a little cash this weekend and based on its builders generousity, I will be sending a share to Mr. White.