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Mar-15-2005, 12:51am
I finally broke down and bought TablEdit... I like it! There are a couple quirky or awkward things about it, but all in all I think it's a well designed little app! No monetary interest... blah... blah... blah...

I wasn't really sure whether I should post this here or somewhere else, but I'm interested in getting some feedback on this tune. It's a jig in 3 parts; A and C are in Am, B is in Amaj. It mostly just came to me, but I had fun tweaking and cleaning it up. I kinda like it, but I'm curious what real musician's think (especially those with a Celtic interest).

I'm wondering about things like whether the melody is playable and listenable, whether 3 parts is too long or awkward for a jig, whether the key change works for you, etc. I'm posting as a .pdf file (Acrobat Reader) since I don't know how many people have the .tef viewer installed, but I will follow up with a .tef file for those that would rather hear it plinked out by the computer.

Thanks in advance,
Paul Doubek

Mar-15-2005, 12:55am
Here is the .tef file. For those without the TefView Viewer installed, you can download it here (http://www.tabledit.com/tefview/index.shtml).

One other thing I was curious about is whether my chords worked of if someone has other suggestions.

Paul Doubek

Mar-19-2005, 3:20am
sounds pretty good.
I think the part that goes |BAG|D | would sound better with a E instead of D. but its your tune to do with as you like.
and personally I like tunes with more than two parts, makes them more interesting.

Mar-21-2005, 2:03pm
Thanks for the feedback, Mutiny. I'll give the D to E swap a listen and see how it sounds to me.

I wasn't sure if "traditionalists" would like the three parts. It was originally 2 parts with the key change, but I thought it might work better to transition back to Am with a "C" part before going back to "A".

I appreciate your input,

Paul Doubek

Mar-21-2005, 3:08pm
actually theres a lot of traditional tunes with more than two parts.

Mar-21-2005, 7:17pm
It does sound good. Thumbs up from me.

Mar-21-2005, 7:57pm
Thanks Mike; Again, I appreciate the feedback. I never know if something has just "grown" on me, or if it will withstand the scrutiny of others.

Mutiny; I guess that's true. Most of the tunes I know with more than 2 parts are forms other than jigs (mostly slip-jigs), but I hadn't thought about the fact that Atholl Highlanders is a jig.

Paul Doubek