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Feb-28-2004, 8:54pm
These are the best photos I could get. The finish is all one shade(dark) so any light areas are from me messing with the images.

Ben did an outstanding job on this one and gave me exactly what I wanted; something non-traditional with clean lines and a big, fat sound. Check it out.

Feb-28-2004, 8:56pm

Feb-28-2004, 8:57pm
and another one,

Feb-28-2004, 8:59pm
almost done,

Feb-28-2004, 9:00pm
last one

Feb-28-2004, 9:23pm
Very, very nice. Wonderful quilted back. I like the deep, rich burgundy/red wine color. Someday, I'll get a chance to hear one of these things...


Chris Cantergiani
Feb-28-2004, 9:39pm
That is mighty sweet! Bitchin' cat's eyes too!
Is that tortoise shell binding? Very cool!


Feb-28-2004, 9:43pm
Thats one awsome looking mandolin, neat design, color and choice of bindings. Enjoy it http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/cool.gif

Feb-28-2004, 10:31pm
Thanks Guys, here's one that's truer to the actual color.

Feb-29-2004, 1:06am
That's beautiful. I love the binding treatment. I can't wait to play a J16 one of these days.

Feb-29-2004, 2:58am
When I saw Ben a few weeks ago I'm almost positive I played this very mandolin, unless Ben has one exactly like this one. I remember the peghead shape and that I LOVED the binding! Great sound too! This mandolin is what made me change my mind about flamed vs. quilted. I'm going with the quilted!

Scotti Adams
Feb-29-2004, 8:37am
...man o man....shes sure is pretty...those J16's sound really really good...

Tom C
Feb-29-2004, 6:00pm
Nice, That's a beaut.

Feb-29-2004, 7:01pm
wow that one is sweet. I love that binding treatment, the way the stripe is mitered makes it look very dressy, and formal.
I'm diggin it, thats pretty much exactly what I want in a mandola, something different but classy and sleek, awesome stuff...I'm sure it sounds greeat too.


Feb-29-2004, 10:16pm
Killer job on the finish..I really like the tortise binding

Feb-29-2004, 10:22pm
ethan, Funny you should say that. I told Ben that I feel like I should wear a tux to play it.

mandolinquent- You might have played Ben's. He has a J16 just like it with the only difference being his has a black face.

Scotti Adams
Mar-01-2004, 5:49am
here is a pic of Bens J16 and some others...

Mar-01-2004, 9:46am
WOW! Killer binding and pinstrip!
Seeing something like that makes you start to think about a second BRW!

Scotti Adams
Mar-01-2004, 10:09am
exactly... http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/wink.gif

Mar-01-2004, 11:02am
That is absolutely gorgeous. I like how the bridge thumbwheel reflects in the last picture, oustanding finish!

Mar-01-2004, 3:00pm
Boy, that's one classy looking mando! A second BRW; now there's a thought.

Scotti Adams
Mar-01-2004, 3:17pm
..sure does... http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/wink.gif