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Jun-02-2014, 4:07pm
Just thought you guys might like to see these pics of this Rene Gerome mandolin that I just got. It needed a bit of work but now its perfectly playable and sounds amazing, definitely the best sounding mandolin that I now have. The label says R. Gerome Artisan Mirecourt. So its made in Mirecourt and I`m thinking from the 30s, when it was handmade and before all the factory instruments. I think its a very cool mandolin. :mandosmiley:

F-2 Dave
Jun-02-2014, 10:23pm
Very cool. It looks big. What's the scale length?

Jun-02-2014, 11:10pm
It is a little bigger then a normal mandolin but it isnt weird playing it. Being bigger must give it alot more volume because its super loud. Scale length is 13 1/4

Jun-03-2014, 3:01am
Very nice, love the decoration, though I confess I've never been a fan of those "cittern head" headstocks.

Jim Garber
Jun-03-2014, 7:31am
That is a beauty. I have as French flattop similar but less fancy from JTL workshop. I have not really set it up to play tho. This makes me want to do so.

Jun-03-2014, 8:42am
Wow that is a beauty. And if it sounds great, I could fall in love with it. (Some say I'm easy.)

Jun-03-2014, 8:54am
I think it's cool too, congrats! Where did you find this? Are the butterfly and flowers decals or are they inlaid?


Jun-03-2014, 3:50pm
Does it have a case? Fitting that large body and angled headstock into a standard case would be a challenge and a half.

Jun-03-2014, 4:28pm
Glad you guys like it, thanks :) I sure do and just for the sound its definitely one to keep, after tuning and playing it for the first time I sure was surprised at how good it sounds. Jim you should set yours up Im sure it would be worth it. No case but Im thinking about making a custom one to fit it.
The butterfly is abalone inlay and the back flowers are all different colored rosewood and maple (I think) wood all inlaid into the back.
I actually saw it on ebay right after it was posted and noticed it was only half an hour from where I am. I asked to check it out and loved it so I bought it for his reserve price, just under $200.

Jun-05-2014, 6:09pm
Wow what an incredible find. Outstanding.