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Mar-11-2005, 11:56am
Anyone have the mandolin tab for this tune?

Mar-15-2005, 2:11am
Guess I am off to firgue this one out of my lonesome self.

Wendy Anthony
Mar-15-2005, 12:34pm
I found the MIDI, lyrics & history of the tune "The Church in the Wildwood" (http://www.littlebrownchurch.org/song.cfm) by Dr. William S. Pitts ...

The MIDI can be imported into TablEdit and converted to Mandolin tab ... this version is in the Key of Bb, tho I found it easier to play, with the chord voicings as is, when transposed to the Key of G ... I guess it depends on which key it will be sung in ...

Keepin' tuned ...
Wendy Anthony

Mar-16-2005, 7:58am
I tried to import the song into my TablEdit and it said it ran into an error and had to shut down.

What was that?

I was watching this thread because I like this song and was wondering if anybody had the tab and when you said that about TablEdit, I had to give it a try. But i ran into this problem.

Wendy Anthony
Mar-16-2005, 9:03pm
I'm not sure what might have produced the error ... I have no problem when I use these steps to create a TablEdit file from MIDI ...

To Import MIDI files into TablEdit:

1. Save MIDI file to your computer

2. In TablEdit create a new file with File > New ... check Mandolin Tablature > OK

3. File > Import MIDI ... select MIDI file > Open

4. Depending On the Number of Tracks (a 1-track MIDI like this one will automatically import into the current module) ... Choose track to Import: To Current Module ... (or, if more than 1 track, choose all tracks, then Import: To Separate Modules - now you can choose which track to import to Mandolin-tuned module) > Import > Close

5. File > SaveAs

6. You will probably need to manually tweak the fretted notes/tab to make it playable on the mandolin (red brackets indicate difficult/impossible fingering situations ;^)... (or transpose to a different key in Score > Transpose) ... (some MIDIs may also contain timing errors, shown as red tab-notes - if you highlite the tabbed note & press the key "j", the timing will correct itself)

Hope this helps ...

Keepin' tuned ...
Wendy Anthony

Mar-16-2005, 10:54pm
Wendy, like a dummy, I had to restart the computer for the program to work right. I went back in and it worked. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

I just need to buy the full version now. So I can get the mando tab. Unless you know how to pull that up from the free version. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif