View Full Version : Blue Comet

Doug Edwards
Mar-10-2005, 11:44pm
My friend brought his 192? Blue Comet to practice tonight. It's a little different. The back is simular to a resonator, almost like having two backs or a sound chamber.
Sorry for the low resolution pictures, I only had my Palm Zire with me.

Doug Edwards
Mar-10-2005, 11:46pm
Closer view.

Bill Snyder
Mar-10-2005, 11:54pm
I think there was a thread showing this (or its twin) for sell on ebay about 2 months ago.
What does it sound like?

Doug Edwards
Mar-10-2005, 11:59pm
It sounds about like you would think, very old timey. Plays well, but not real loud. Robin has had this a while. He bought it at an antique store.

Jim Garber
Mar-11-2005, 8:37am
These are made of 1940s plywood and are quite cool but fairly common under other names, tho Blue Comet seems to be the most common. I had one with an Imperial decal years ago that I sold to a musician who at the time played backup with Howard Armstrong. He said Armstrong used one for his mandolin.