View Full Version : Coolest Orville Gibson A mandolin

Apr-23-2014, 3:29pm
This one is at Gruhns as a 1899 Orville Gibson mandolin for $16.5K. Would seem rather odd that a pre-1902 mandolin would have that tailpiece. Maybe it was added later. I have never seen a set of tuners like these. Very, very cool.


Graham McDonald
Apr-23-2014, 5:15pm
Those tuners are quite common on Weymann mandolins and others out of Philadelphia.

Capt. E
Apr-24-2014, 10:54am
My understanding is the "pineapple" tailpiece cover is earlier than the later one we are all used to.
I see the back has an unusual shape as well as the fancy carving of the peg-head. Perhaps it is an important transitional design from Orville himself. Perhaps it is a true "one of a kind", but $16,500?