View Full Version : Help Me Finish This Song

Mar-08-2005, 9:28pm
Ok, this is a song that I sort of started by just fiddling around on the mando one night. #Problem is, I am the least creative person I know. #I can't really think of anything beyond this little bit. #Can anyone add something interesting that fits with the current music to finish things off? #

Here is the tab...


And here is pretty bad version of how it should sound...


Mar-11-2005, 9:22am
I think it sounds good, and you could probably repeat the whole line before needing to change things up. I would just tweak it around a bit, maybe move the entire line up or down a step or two, hold a note longer here or there, grab the listener's attention by changing a low note to a pretty high one. Also, I'd throw in plenty of double-stops (two notes at a time) to make it sound fuller, especially if it's going to be just mando. But I like it so far, goes from a bluesy to Celtic sound and it's got potential. Only you can write your music, but I think if you try playing that through once or twice, then shaking it up a bit and maybe coming back to that line again, you'll find yourself with a great piece of music.