View Full Version : MK Legacy O

Feb-28-2004, 6:39am
has anybody bought one of the new Michael Kelly Legacy O (http://www.michaelkellyguitars.com/mandolins/legacyo/) mandolins yet? i've been watching them on eBay and haven't seen one go for the asking price yet. if you do have one or have played one, what do you think? are they worth the money? they sure look nice.

Mar-02-2004, 11:24am
I got one about a week ago. Great mando for the price. They're well built and sound fine. The O series has a deeper tone than the F hole style. Carries the low end better but loses a little in the upper mids. It's kind of wierd how the neck is set in. It's a dove tail joint but the neck sits up about 1/2" off of the top. The finish and the abalone is well done and the flame back is nice. I got the new deep red color. Kinda looks like the old F2 and F4 colors. Just my 2$ worth!

Mar-02-2004, 1:08pm
Just wonderin' what the reason for the neck offset would be? Anybody know, or is that standard? Looks kinda high, not more than some but still unusual.

Mar-03-2004, 9:38am
Nice axe. Plays great and the neck is fine. Both Elderly and Gruhn have one in stock.

Mar-09-2004, 12:54am
Hey, I'm also interested in this Legacy O. The style of an F body w/oval is a different way to go, and it appeals to me, because I don't see too many players with that type of mando. What style of music is this mando best for? Or better yet, why did you choose this mando over a more conventional one? Are there any famous players with an F/oval that I can research? Thanks for your time, dy....