View Full Version : Alltabs speeding up on me

Feb-27-2004, 5:59pm
Has anyone who uses tabledit tried the blackberry blossom arrangment by Stangeland from alltabs? #I tried to slow it down to 100 bpm, but it increases by 10 every measure till its back up to 210 or so! #Talk about a steep learning curve!

All the others I slow down stay there until next time i open the file.

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Mar-03-2004, 1:47pm
Above the measures that are speeding up, are there any bpm measurements (I think by default they show up in a blue font). I haven't found where to change those, but maybe that's what's causing the ghost "steep learning curve" you're talking about.

Mar-05-2004, 5:39pm
I haven't tried it from alltabs, but the TEF version from Co-Mando does the same thing. Instead of changing the tempo, you can change the "relative speed" under the "play " menu.

J. Mark Lane
Mar-06-2004, 4:18pm
He he he. That's just Mike, making sure you work hard.

Mark (who can't even touch that arrangement)