View Full Version : 008 is done!

Skip Kelley
Feb-27-2004, 5:43pm
Here is a picture of #008. Josh Pinkham got #005 and his dad Jeff ordered another and they are pleased with it. Josh said it is "insanely awesome".
It makes the builder happy!

Skip Kelley
Feb-27-2004, 5:45pm
Here is a pic of the back.

Scotti Adams
Feb-27-2004, 5:52pm
..great lookin axe Skip....I really like it...I bet she sounds great too....for only being #8 it sure looks like you have found the secret....I hope to start on my first this summer sometime....Im taking all the notes I can...there are some fantastically talented people on the board....

Feb-27-2004, 6:07pm
Skip that does look very nice. Congrats. How much you asking for these?

Feb-27-2004, 6:17pm
Good looking mando, nice finish. I havn't seen a flowerpot for a while.

Skip Kelley
Feb-27-2004, 8:45pm
Tope I am not going to do anymore flowerpots. I don't want the big "G" to come after me. Thanks to everyone for the compliments! I made this one like Josh's and I am real happy with how it turned out. I do the best I can and GOD sure has blessed! About the finish I give credit to my good friend Elmer Edwards of Lexington, NC. Elmer is a wonderful luthier and a gentlemen. He showed me how to do a real nice sunburst. I couldn't have done it without him.
Scotti once you start building there is no turning back. I too have learned so much from all on the board. There are many gifted and knowledgeable people here. I am almost finished with #009 and I am keeping it for myself. I am in school fulltime and so I have to put the building on hold till then.

Feb-27-2004, 9:27pm
nice'one, skip


John Zimm
Mar-01-2004, 12:15pm
That looks great Skip. I hope one day to make a fine looking mandolin like that. Good work.


Mar-06-2004, 6:54pm
Are you taking orders? How much?


Skip Kelley
Mar-08-2004, 4:16pm
I am not taking any orders currently,but I do have #007 for sale. It comes with a license to kill!(banjo's that is!) my e-mail address is kmando814@northstate.net