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Mar-03-2005, 8:49pm
Are there plans available for emandos, or are they just scaled down mdls of solid body guitars? How about hardware: bridge, pickups etc. thanks Don

Mar-04-2005, 11:27am

Mar-04-2005, 10:06pm
Hi batman

Most are scaled down electric guitars. Pickups tend to be half a pair for a P-bass, purely because they're readily available and the right size. Some prefer the EMG Select Strat pickup because hiding under the plastic cover is a blade that kinda averages out the string sound. Steve Ryder lists his pickups on his website.

Bridges tend to be cut down hard-tail Strat units, although if you look for Andrew (thistle3585) he has bridges available. #I'm making some bridges, neckplates and kind of Tele control plates but they're not available just yet.

The pots and knobs and caps can come from anywhere... guitar shop, Stewmac, Radio Shack, etc.

The nut can be cut down from a plastic or graphite or bone one, or you can make your own from brass or corian.

Timber can be whatever is available and appeals to you. Electric mandos aren't noted for their acoustic tone generally, although a couple of mine were quite loud unplugged.

For strings get a set of 10 - 46's. Leave out the 14 and the 46 and use the rest.

If you want a laugh have a look at my first attempt The Less Paul Very Junior (http://www.somethingabout.net/sbmando/index.html)