View Full Version : Kentucky KM400E and Peavey Nashville 112.

Mar-02-2005, 1:11pm
Holy Cow!!!! What a rig, I just jammed out a solid hour, in the garage, just a bit of reverb, nothing extra yet, and I tell ya', great tone. Jazz is coverd, period. Now I need to up grade my cd collection with some of Bob's disc's. Great feel, and easy to to play...I'll keep you posted. Later, dy.

Mar-03-2005, 1:46pm
Don't you just love that little swirly imperfection on the tortoise pickguard right above the bass string on (my old) Kentucky?
The strings you've been playing are Thomastiks. They must be about 8 years old by now.
Hmmm, I wonder if I can put together a 5-string set of Thomastiks for my Schwab.
...gotta run...