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Feb-26-2005, 2:25pm
For those of you are interested in mando instruments used in rock/blues/soul/etc music, I have started a Yahoo Group for this subject matter. Visit the web-site and check out the description and sign up there, so you can have less trouble accessing the web features: database, links and such, which will be as #important as the usual e-list correspondence.

Currently, there are four Discographical spreadsheets (Jethro Tull, Fairport Convention/UK Folk Rock, Various Rock Mando, and Ry Cooder/David Lindley) with titles and info about 200 tracks with mandolins.

Most lists proove to be less-than-successful (as e-lists), but if that happens to be the case with RockMando, the parallel goal of building up the discographical information is reason enough to start it up.


Niles Hokkanen

Yahoo Groups: RockMando - Rock & Blues Mandolin (http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/rockmando/)

Feb-26-2005, 2:34pm
Have you considered putting your Electric Mandolin course back in print, possibly in updated form? From the Table of Contents that I've seen, there's lots of great stuff for the player interested in a rock and/or blues vocabulary.

Feb-28-2005, 9:03am
Let me add a MeToo to the last post. Nut bends? Sounds fun - presume moving into half position and bending string between tuner and nut - just need to keep the nut lubed.

Feb-28-2005, 10:45am
Niles, You could also add a section on "double lug nut" slide mandolin. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif Good idea on the Rockmando group.