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Feb-24-2005, 3:19pm
Howdy all

I was doing regular maintenance to the gordonbonham.net website (Gordon is a fine electric bluesman who is also my acoustic partner) and have uploaded a few unpublished/unseen photos of Yank Rachell. Gordon gigged with Yank on and off for about 10 years before Yank got too sick and passed away.

You can look at the photos at the Gordon Bonham Blues Band website (http://www.gordonbonham.net) by clicking on the Media button. Once at the Media page, click on Gordon's Personal Photos. Yank will be in there along other blues notables.

Gordon and I have talked a bit about Yank the past couple weeks after I promoted a Mike Compton/David Long workshop here in Bloomington. David and Mike had a lot of questions for Gordon about Yank's technique. One of the things that Gordon recalls, is that Yank, at least at this time in his life, used almost exclusively upstrokes. Much like the Lightning Hopkins two finger style (the scraping up with one finger--usually w/ a fingerpick), Yank tended to do the same. Gordon says that Yank played the guitar the same way. In one of the pictures you can see how Yank has positioned his right hand and you can see that upstroke motion.


Feb-25-2005, 4:11am
Great photos! Thanks for sharing! I've been listening to Chicago Blues a lot lately. I really like his style!

Feb-25-2005, 5:02am

Cool NEW photos !

Anyone else has some photos or personal stories to share ?


Feb-25-2005, 1:47pm
great photos. thanks for sharing.