View Full Version : Flourocarbon Strung Archtop Tenor

Dec-13-2013, 6:59pm
Cedar top, Queensland Maple back, sides and neck, Wilga fretboard and bridge. The strings are fishing line leader "Black Magic" brand so it must have mojo. 505mm string length. I'm still settling the intonation and playing with bridge height. Boat Coat epoxy and TruOil finish, it Still needs a final buffing but I find myself cleaning my bench, washing the cats etc rather than just doing it.

This is great fun to play. I've been following a lot of threads on various forums to get to this iteration. It's built as light as I could, the top of the arch is 3mm and it comes to about 2mm at the edges of the recurve. The arch is only 16mm. I have got a piezo pickup in it I should have added a preamp, next time. Anyway, something different.

Marty Jacobson
Dec-13-2013, 7:53pm
Looks great! Let us know when you get the other four strings on there... :-)

Dec-13-2013, 11:20pm
Congrats. That does look like fun.

Jake Wildwood
Dec-14-2013, 7:09pm
Really cool! I have a half-started project of similar nature that I really should finish.

Dec-16-2013, 12:12pm
Cool instrument and lovely wood.