View Full Version : c.1915 Weymann Style 15 Mandolute Mandolin

Jake Wildwood
Dec-11-2013, 10:03pm
I haven't worked on a Weymann sans "fiddle edges" before and was surprised at how nice this one sounds. I think, maybe because it doesn't have as much rigidity to those edges, it has a slightly creamier tone up-front. Just a guess -- though the all-bone bridge might do some tweaking, too.

Click here for the full post w/more pics. (http://antebelluminstruments.blogspot.com/2013/12/c1915-weymann-style-15-mandolute.html)






Dec-12-2013, 5:45am
Another nice one Jake, I must give an all bone bridge a try one day too!

Dec-12-2013, 11:36am
NIce. I'd like to hear that one, Jake.

Jake Wildwood
Dec-12-2013, 11:45am
Another nice one Jake, I must give an all bone bridge a try one day too!

When I don't have anything vintage that looks right I usually make bone bridges... they're more responsive to my ears. I guess that's why you see them all the time on Portuguese instruments... makes those notes leap for that fado sound... :)

Jake Wildwood
Dec-12-2013, 5:47pm
Bill: Unfortunately now I can't get that clip for you -- this left today to a local classical mandolinist over the gap from here. I think it's gonna fit 100% in with that group!

Dec-12-2013, 8:21pm
Beautiful instrument, looks like something you'd use for all types of folk music, doesnt it?
And maybe a bit more stupid question since I'm not all that knowledgable about mandolin builders, how old is that mandolin?

Jake Wildwood
Dec-13-2013, 4:48am
The serial number places it right around 1915.

Dec-17-2013, 12:56pm
Heh just read the full article that would have answered my question anyway :redface: . Well thanks for the kind answer :D