View Full Version : Cold Mountain Concert.

Feb-27-2004, 12:21am
On AOL broadband rocks, they are showing the Music and Words from the Movie Cold Mountain Charity Concert and I was wonder if anyone knew who the Mando player was. Also who would have thought that Jack White would be singing bluegrass style. It came across better than I thought it would.

John Flynn
Feb-27-2004, 9:29am
You have missed some hot threads on that. Do a search and read the fireworks. Some people thought Jack White was great, some others, including me, thought he was terrible. If it is the same concert I saw and the mando player was wearing coveralls and a ball cap, it is Mike Compton. I couldn't get my AOL Broadband to work this morning, but I believe it is the same concert A&E aired on cable a month or so ago.