View Full Version : New mandolin day and a question about repairs...

Jake Biddix
Dec-08-2013, 5:44pm
Hey everyone! Just picked up a great sounding Collings MT from the Savannah, GA craigslist. I am amazed at how good it sounds. I wanted to ask a question. I got it for a really decent price but there was a 1-1/2" repaired crack on the top near the bass f-hole. It appeared to be repaired professionally and the previous owner said it had been. Anyone have any experience with small cracks on the top in that area? It didn't seem unstable or to affect the sound.

Anyway, thanks for looking! My fretting hand is so sore today!

Dec-08-2013, 6:58pm
It should have no effect on the sound and likely will not grow. People tend to value perfection in appearance over sound and likely you got a pretty good deal on it. Thanks to the crack....

Jake Biddix
Dec-08-2013, 8:22pm

Thanks for the information. That's what I was hoping to hear. I picked it up for $1250 with a strap, case, tuner, a handmade stand, and a whole box of Mandolin Magazine and Mandolin Quarterly issues from the mid-2000s. Not too shabby I think!

Dec-10-2013, 1:37pm
Two of my best sounding mandos were both cracked, one severely (almost broken in half) and the other has a few cracks one to two inches long. After repair both instruments sound great. I love resurecting "broken" instruments because they are always much cheaper and allow one to get quality sound way above the price paid... I seldom notice the cracks unless I am discussing them for some reason. In fact I have to admit I kind of like their cracks because they reflect the instruments history and, as a romantic, I think about previous owners and their care or lack of care of their instruments.