View Full Version : Adam Steffey test driving an Elkhorn Koa/Cedar F-5

Dec-08-2013, 3:22pm
Here's a sweet video of Adam Steffey test driving a Koa/Cedar F-5 at Carter Vintage Guitars in Nashville recently. I'm currently in the process of building him a new Koa/Cedar F-5 that should hopefully be completed by the end of the year! Enjoy!


Cheryl Watson
Dec-08-2013, 3:33pm
Very nice! Adam brings out the warm, full tone. It's a strong mandolin and it already sounds broken in.

Timothy S
Dec-08-2013, 4:37pm
I was watching those videos last night! Incredible instruments and equally impressive performance.

Jim Ferguson
Dec-08-2013, 4:47pm
Nice pickin by Adam Steffey........a talented mandoliner for sure.
Thanks for sharing.

Dec-08-2013, 4:55pm
Very nice.

Skip Kelley
Dec-08-2013, 8:26pm
Congratulations Robb! Nice job! That is one sweet sounding mandolin!

Ivan Kelsall
Dec-09-2013, 2:55am
Robb,if you've kept an eye on your previous threads,you'll know that i've been an admirer of your work (& woods) for a long while.You've built some of the most glorious (& hazardous - think Cocobolo) mandolins i've ever seen. Thanks for the Adam Steffey clip - if proof were needed that your mandolins sound as good as they look,we've got it - awesome !!!,

Dec-09-2013, 7:43am
Beautiful mandolin and beautiful pickin (so beautiful that I done stole a lick...)

Dec-09-2013, 5:32pm
Thanks to all for the very nice comments. I'm pretty excited to currently be building a Koa/Red Cedar mandolin for Adam; it should be a perfect fit for his style of playing! Man can he pull the tone out of a Koa mandolin!

Gregory Tidwell
Dec-09-2013, 6:10pm
That is really great. Take a look at Adam's left pinky. He uses it to great effect, but it looks like its set on a different plane than the rest of his fingers. Anyone know if he broke it at any point or anything like that? Just wondering.

Charles E.
Dec-09-2013, 8:05pm
Robb, that is a great clip. If the one he is playing is Red Cedar and Koa and is for sale, how is the one you are building for him going to be different? Will it have a different finish and or bindings? Are you going to tweak the tone a bit to suit his playing?

josh a
Dec-09-2013, 10:43pm

The one he is playing in the video is currently for sale at Carters, I was in the shop today

Dec-10-2013, 3:25pm
Hey Charles, The mandolin I'm building for Adam will differ only slightly at his request. I carved the soundboard just a hair thinner at the crown and there will be other subtle changes. He basically really liked the mandolin as is but wanted a couple of different things. Neck shape, string spacing, no pick guard, silver hardware, just a few minor adjustments. The Koa/Cedar mandolin at Carter's is really a sweet instrument! I actually just strung up the new one going to Adam this morning; it's strong!! I'll post a few pictures of it in the white here in a day or so.

Trey Young
Dec-18-2013, 10:07am
Hey Robb,
That's a great sounding clip of Adam playing the Koa/Cedar! Which number is that one? Congrats on the build for him too! That must be a lot of fun to have someone like Adam Steffey ask you to build him a mandolin! Can't wait to see pictures and sound clips of it!

Dec-18-2013, 1:31pm
regarding Adam's left little finger.... don't know if he ever had a problem with it, ref the question, but this shows what you can do without using one !! He shifts up and down, to avoid using that finger almost religiously ....

For us poor folks working our butts off trying to get that finger into play, it's a great reminder, form the likes of Adam, and some of the greats like Django, that you don't need all those fingers after all.