View Full Version : New tune in misc. musings....

David Miller
Feb-23-2005, 8:43pm
I just posted a recording to the Misc. Musings (at the Project site) of Chick Corea's "Open Your Eyes, You Can Fly." I am very happy with the results, but would love to get some feedback. I am sorry it is such a large file - I tried to compress it down for the posting.
The recording features my Collings MT alongside a flugelhorn (interesting combo, but I found it worked pretty well!)
I tried also to bring Pat Metheny's great sense of the slow-build solo into the piece......

Hope you enjoy a little latin flavor.... :-)

Feb-25-2005, 9:46am

thanks for e-mailing me your upload. it's a big file, but well worth the wait to download. i don't know enough about jazz to make an intelligent comment about your tune. and, i only own two metheny albums, but it's enough to clearly hear the influence on your playing. i have never heard the horn with the mando before, and it really sounded great. this one will go on my playlist. thanks!


Mar-02-2005, 5:18pm
Hi David, Thanks for posting that it's beautiful. I first saw Metheny in 1973 at Berklee. I'm going to see him 3/19 at the House of Bluse in Orlando. Chick is an amazing artist as well and I'm sure he'd be pleased with your recording. Keep it up. Mike

Mar-03-2005, 7:57am
I listened to it yesterday and liked it a lot. Great job.

Mar-04-2005, 3:32pm
humm, i thought I had posted a "great job" but don't see it...anyway great job! It's "the" tune that got me into jazz, brasillion music etc., and I still think Flora's voice is heavenly.

Mar-26-2005, 8:25am
I've just uploaded (I think) my first recording on the fiddle. I'm at my boyfriend's place and I'm using his high speed connection (can't wait to get it at home), so I've recorded and uploaded Soldier's joy on the fiddle. It's quite sharp in some places, but for being a beginner I'm quite satisfied with it. I may add some mandolin chops later..