View Full Version : Cedar and Maple F-Style

Kyle McGonegle
Dec-05-2013, 6:43pm
This is my first contribution to the forums, though I have read them for years now.

Just completed this mandolin this week.

Alaskan Yellow Cedar Top
Quilted Maple back and sides
Rosewood fretboard and binding

A huge warm and open sound that I am very happy with. I just wish that I could keep it... But alas, she is already spoken for.

Thanks for looking!

Dec-06-2013, 8:50am
Very nice! Especially like the sound hole and peg head marquetry.

Dec-06-2013, 8:54am
Great job.


Jesse Harmon
Dec-06-2013, 8:54am
Now that's an amazing first contribution, probably, a first that will remain first.

Skip Kelley
Dec-06-2013, 10:33am
Nice job! That is an amazing looking mandolin!

Denny Gies
Dec-06-2013, 10:52am
That is amazing for the first try. Way to go Picks. Were your parents pickers or did you get your first name some other way?

Kyle McGonegle
Dec-11-2013, 12:55pm
Not actually my first, just my first post to the forums. Thank you for all the positive feedback!