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Bill Baldridge
Nov-26-2013, 8:40am
I picked up my Daley last Friday. To say I am pleased is an understatement. I know some would like to hear it, but it is beyond my technology. As a point of reference, I have been playing a 2007 Gibson Fern. I will not put down the Gibson (except to play the Daley.:) Everywhere I have played the Gibson I have gotten the feedback, "Good mandolin". The Daley is more responsive, louder, and the tone is deeper. When Sim asked me what kind of tone I was seeking, he offered Steffey or Monroe as a point of departure. I asked for "Steffey". While the setup on both mandolins is 1.5mm at the twelfth fret, there is more tension on the strings with the Daley. The neck angle on the Daley is steeper than the Gibson making the top of the bridge higher. I attribute the responsiveness and volume to that, but what do I know?

Waverly tuners, James tailpiece, Hoffee case; life is good.

Nov-26-2013, 8:48am

Ron McMillan
Nov-26-2013, 9:03am

Mike is spot on.

Nov-26-2013, 9:12am
Bill -
Agree W/ Mike and Ron: Beautiful !
What is the binding?
Can you post a picture of front and back? Front looks black, is it?
Thank you,

Bill Snyder
Nov-26-2013, 10:26am
Went to Mr. Daley's website. Interesting read (http://www.simdaley.com/SimStory.html) about his background. He certainly does have the credentials.

Bill Baldridge
Nov-26-2013, 11:41am
Bill -
Agree W/ Mike and Ron: Beautiful !
What is the binding?
Can you post a picture of front and back? Front looks black, is it?
Thank you,

More pictures of my mandolin? If you insist.:) As you can see the binding is whatever plastic passes for tortoise these days. The front is black per my picture with Sim. Thanks for asking, Lee.

Cheryl Watson
Nov-26-2013, 12:10pm
Handsome mandolin, and that is very interesting how Sim's point of departure is Steffey or Monroe. These playing styles are pretty much polar opposite. I've only played one Daley and it had the rich, sweet, "on the dark side" tone that would be be the Steffey departure.

Bernie Daniel
Nov-26-2013, 12:21pm
VERY nice. The dark finish and the tortoise binding really look good together I would never have imagined that. Congrats!

Michael Weaver
Nov-26-2013, 2:17pm
I have played your Fern so I can vouch for the sound and playability of it. It is a great mandolin. Is the Daley better? Well, I guess I would have to play that one next to find out! :whistling:

Nov-26-2013, 9:22pm
Looks killer and I know from experience it sounds great.

Sim can dial in the sound you want. I asked for a great low end when I ordered mine and that's what its got. Also killer volume and tone... I'm always surprised at how good it sounds every time I put a new set of strings on it.

There are several Daley's in the Memphis area and they are all superb. Here are 4 of the 6 in Memphis that I know about. Mine is on the far right. Had it 10 years and its better now than ever...



Nov-26-2013, 10:18pm
That's a fine looking mandolin. Congrats!!

Nov-28-2013, 8:51am
Bill -

Thanks for posting the additional photos and the PM.

That is a very distinctive color combination. I really like the tortoise binding with the dark burst and especially the fine white purfling. A mandolin to be proud of, for sure.

Thanks, again.

Nov-29-2013, 7:54am
Would love to play one of these some day.

Nov-29-2013, 8:55am
Congrats! Gorgeous mandolin. Sim knows how to build a great looking and sounding mandolin.

Dean Cross
Nov-29-2013, 9:31pm
Stunning! That's a gorgeous instrument.