View Full Version : My 2nd A-style mandolin progress

Dan Douris
Nov-25-2013, 11:54am

Nov-25-2013, 12:56pm
Gonna be nice, Dan.

Dan Douris
Nov-25-2013, 1:29pm
Thanks Bill! I really hope so!

Nov-26-2013, 10:02am
looks great Dan....my last build ,I used same wood for truss rod cover and looked nice....Keith109869

Dan Douris
Nov-26-2013, 2:26pm
Looks great Keith! I may do a curly maple truss rod cover to match the curly maple pickguard I made.

Dan Douris
Dec-11-2013, 9:07am
Hope to get tuners, nut, tailpiece on, and sting it up to see how it sounds this weekend!


Dec-11-2013, 11:39am
The Top grain lines up real nice with the pickguard grain. Nice touch !
Where in Philly do you live? I went to Radnor High !

Dan Douris
Dec-11-2013, 1:50pm
Thanks mandodan! I live in Northeast Philly. If you know Grant Ave and Roosevelt Blvd I live pretty close to that intersection.
Not too Far from Bensalem, PA.

Dan Douris
Dec-11-2013, 1:55pm
I have family that live right off City Line Ave. which is pretty close to Radnor.

Dec-11-2013, 5:45pm
I gave a listen to The Keystone Mountain Boys. Awesome job Just Awesome. Nice Vocals and really nice mandolin on Southern Flavor, Cherokee Shuffle, Armadillo Breakdown. When I get back to Philly and I'll look ya up. See if your gigging locally. I'll be downloading that album when I get home. Folk here need to give ya a listen. WOW!

Dan Douris
Dec-12-2013, 8:01am
Thanks your are too kind mandodan! Definitely hit me up on face book https://www.facebook.com/dan.douris when you are in Philly next! We usually gig around the city. Maybe I will have one of my finish mandos for you to take for a spin!

Dan Douris
Dec-12-2013, 9:08am
If you haven't downloaded the album I can send you a complimentary CD! Just email your address to dandouris@gmail.com. Merry Christmas!

Dan Douris
Jan-25-2014, 8:45pm
Staining today.

Pete Jenner
Jan-26-2014, 9:30am
Looking good mate. Build on!

Jan-26-2014, 2:53pm
lookin great Dan !

walter Johnson "JUNE" mandolins and guitars

Jan-26-2014, 5:19pm
Looks good! What kind of stain are you using and what will you be finishing with?

Dan Douris
Jan-26-2014, 6:20pm
Thanks Pete! Walt - I have been following your builds on facebook and they are looking great! Arron - I am using aniline stains and hand applied finish with shellac flakes desolved in denatured alchohol. Here a before and after so far.

Dan Douris
Feb-12-2014, 2:01pm
So besides needing to make a truss rod cover I completed my 2nd mandolin. Pretty happy with it other then I really need to work on detail but I guess I just need to keep building to work out those issues!


Pete Jenner
Feb-12-2014, 2:30pm
I know what you mean Dan.

Feb-12-2014, 7:26pm
Nice one!