View Full Version : Old Wave A Style Oval Hole

Nov-22-2013, 1:56am
My Old Wave has a new owner. He posted a video and he sure makes it sound good.

Jon Hall
Nov-24-2013, 9:12am
That is probably the best recording I have heard of an Old Wave. I have room in my stable for one more mandolin and I've always thought one of Bill B's instruments might be the oval hole mando I was looking for.

Nov-24-2013, 11:27am
great projection on that, elegant look too

I am inspired to go learn indifference now

Nov-28-2013, 4:40pm
A big thanks to Don for posting this. After having gone through a 1/2 dozen old Gibson A models, 3 various F models, and another brand A vintage copy, I sold and resold, and kept looking for the right one that fit my style of music and playing. This Old Wave was just what I had been looking for. After playing a radius fretboard, it made the old Gibsons seem hard to play. Flat frets kind of tire you out. This Old Wave probably sounds like what an old Gibson Loar A model would sound like....this one is really bright though, probably because of the X-bracing on the top. I wasn't sure what birds-eye maple one piece back would sound like, but I like it. The finish work and set up are really great, it's a dream to play, and it doesn't wear me out to sit down with it for a couple of hours. I mostly got it for all the Celtic music I play--and it's perfect for that. Here's another video I made...a couple Irish Reels.

Nov-28-2013, 5:03pm
Most likely the Birdseye Maple is what is making it sound bright, not the X bracing. X bracing does not make oval hole mandolins sound any brighter than the traditional cross brace behind the sound hole. The different bracing sounds are much more subtle than that. In my experience an X will give you a slightly "finer" sound that is more evenly balanced than the cross brace. You can hear the difference, but it does not jump out at you. I prefer the X.

Randy Smith
Nov-30-2013, 12:52pm
Both nice looking and sounding Old Waves and wonderful maple. Peter, thanks for the post on bracing.