View Full Version : two swedish secondhand mandolins

Nov-18-2013, 5:36pm
Writing from Denmark
I just got these 2 mandolins secondhand and would welcome any information/opinion:
the first is a 1947 Crafton model 51(unusual shape) When strings, bridge and nut wil be changed it will be in perfekt condition....
The second is in perfect condition as it has never been played. It is a 1972 Levin model 157....

Jake Wildwood
Nov-19-2013, 1:24am
As a fan of Levin products, I congratulate you on that one! They're reliable, practical instruments that tend to sound great.

The other looks like a Swedish take on the old 20s/30s Harmony shape that generally cave-in on themselves due to poor neck block design. That doesn't mean yours will, though. :)

Cool finds!