View Full Version : What type of Mandoline is this?

Nov-11-2013, 3:53pm
1093008 String bowl style mandolin . It doesn't have a name or any markings on it. I would picked it up at a flee market because I like the look of it and couldn't beat the price. I would appreciate any help anyone can provide. Thanks109297109298109299

Graham McDonald
Nov-11-2013, 3:55pm
Slightly larger pics might be useful :)

Nov-11-2013, 4:35pm
thanks for your reply I added a few new pics .

Nov-11-2013, 4:49pm
I'm guessing it's Japanese from the '70s or thereabouts.

Jim Garber
Nov-11-2013, 7:21pm
Looks like those made by Suzuki in Japan in the 1970s under various labels.

Nov-12-2013, 12:38am
I have one that looks exactly the same. Mine is branded Ibanez, 70's built I believe

Dave Hanson
Nov-12-2013, 3:02am
Suzuki, I had one exactly the same so many years ago.

Dave H

Nov-12-2013, 9:30am
Could someone tell me how much they are worth?

Jim Garber
Nov-12-2013, 9:42am
In the US, if in excellent condition, maybe $150-200. I assume you are not in North America from your spelling of mandolin(e).

Nov-12-2013, 10:20am
LOL @ Jim how could I make that mistake. I'm from Maryland

Jim Garber
Nov-12-2013, 10:41am
That is all right. Perhaps you can also slice some vegetables with that mandoline. :)

Randi Gormley
Nov-12-2013, 6:45pm
It looks like my old '70s Suzuki, fwiw, and unless it's in absolutely playable condition, a nice wallhanger. I gave mine away to a community theater group as a prop. IIRC, the necks had a tendency to bow, at least the lower level ones.