View Full Version : Cushman F5 Mandolin

Mike Sutterfield
Nov-11-2013, 12:04pm
I bought this used from the Cafe classifieds.

Matt Cushman says its a #4 in 2007 and his 6th overall.
Its a nice sounding piece.


Stephen Cagle
Nov-13-2013, 10:14am
Very nice looking mandolin! These mandolins are seen on ebay every now and again and really look to be a pretty high quality mandolin. I don't know too much about the builder however he (or she) looks like they know just how to build a mandolin. How do these mando's sound regarding highs, mids and lows? Is the nut a standard 1 1/8? Looks like you have a good one. Enjoy it.~o)

Eric Michael Pfeiffer
Nov-14-2013, 1:07pm
Looks really nice:)

Allen Uptegrove
Jan-15-2017, 6:41pm
Last night, at the Missouri SPBGMA awards presentations, I was fortunate enough to play one of Cushman's F5's with the wider string spacing. Very comfortable feeling and great sound. Nice instrument indeed.