View Full Version : Unicorn #33 First Special Model (Prototype)

Nov-11-2013, 11:59am
My first and only mandolin. Rolfe build a good one for me. Had it since 1977 and it's great. Plays easy and has a very loud bark. Would like to hear other Unicorn owners out there. Not much online to speak of.

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Nov-11-2013, 10:40pm
That's a great looking mandolin. I have a Phoenix that's great.


Nov-11-2013, 11:10pm
Looks great! You must have really babied this mando over the years.

Nov-12-2013, 3:52am
That's one sweet looking mandolin!

Nov-12-2013, 2:16pm
"Looks great! You must have really babied this mando over the years."

Thanks! It has been babied but it's been through it's share of "growing pains" when I was..ummm... younger and playing everyday playing on stage and taking it to bluegrass festivals putting it in harsh conditions. That's what I love about the Unicorn. It is a survivor. Rolfe did some work on it about 3 years ago and breathed new life into it. He is the best! I will pass this treasure on to my daughter. She wants it now but too many more days of playing for me before I let go. The sound just gets sweeter with age. I have had many offers for the mandolin but it's a part of me and I just won't let it go.

Nov-17-2013, 9:47pm
Marty, is this the tail piece cover that came on it when you got it & if not what happened to the original one?

Nov-27-2013, 12:42pm
No. it's not. When I sent the mandolin to Rolfe for some repairs couple of years ago I kept the tailpiece at home. Rolfe put a blank cover on it when he shipped it back. I have the original tailpiece with "Unicorn" in script scribed on it. I picked up a second tailpiece with a full unicorn body scribed into it as well. I sent pictures of the tailpiece to Rolfe with the information I had prior to purchasing to make sure it was a 1970's era piece made by the guy he used. He confirmed it was and I snatched it up. Will try to get more pix with the right tailpiece.

Nov-27-2013, 2:05pm
You must be talking about Weldon (Big Bill's son). I had been looking a Uni-tailpiece cover
for 15 years before I found him! I was going to tell you about him in case you were not aware. Thanks Marty & have a GREAT Thanksgiving! David Finch

Nov-28-2013, 9:14am
I actually bought my second tailpiece from Weldon. I was a great find. And Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours and to EVERYONE who reads this post.

What's better than football after Thanksgiving lunch? A BLUEGRASS JAM SESSION!!! :mandosmiley: Keep pickin'!!!

Apr-13-2014, 11:59am
Hey there Marty - beautiful, just beautiful. I have #47, a Master Model with abalone and vine. Somewhat beat finish but that is what you get for a instrument built in '76. Without question - Unicorn's are the best sounding, and if you can find them, the best value mando out there. Wood, craftsmanship, et al...Given only 148 were made...expect this baby to continue to go up in value. Ask any Phoenix what they'd give for a Unicorn.